Alexander Korobov

The Hudson Valley Writers Center offers classes and workshops for people in the Hudson Valley.

With everything going on with COVID-19, they have moved all their workshops online.I was going through some of the ones they offer and they sound pretty interesting.


Some options you can take are:

'Creative Writing For Youth'

'Year of Your Book'

'Page-Turning Fiction'

'Writing for Stage, Screen, and Television'

'Memoir Writing Workshop'

There are a few more offered a they have a calendar online that shows the instructor and the topic.

The website is WritersCenter.Org

Once everything calms down and it's safe to go out, I read they do open-mic nights and some special events.

I have a running list of place I want to check out and I'm definitely adding this place to it.

Drop a comment below if you have been here or if you have taken any of their workshops before.

Stay safe.

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