Have you been wanting to express your inner artist? A town in Columbia County is looking for help and it can be from a professional or an amateur. They are looking for help designing a new town seal.

The town looking for the assist is Hillsdale, NY. Now, what do you think of when you think "Town Seal?" Is there something in particular that you think might resonate with others that expresses the love and creativity that is in Hillsdale?

According to their Facebook page, you do not have to be a pro and they are open to all suggestions and interpretations that you can share with them. If you are interested in sharing your design with them you have until June 5, 2021 at 5pm to submit your seal.

The restrictions? They would like you to be a current member of the Hillsdale community. For instance, do you currently work in Hillsdale, go to school there or have another tie to their bucolic town?

The Town Board will vote on all the submissions at their June meeting and if your special design is submitted, you would be the proud recipient of a) bragging rights and b) a "gift certificate from the Hillsdale Economic Development Committee for use at the Roe Jan Brewing Co."

For more information on the Town of Hillsdale and possibly some ideas to spark your creativity, you can check out their website. While you are on their website, you can also check out a really interesting blog from their Town Historians, which could give you an amazing incite into the Town and possibly what your version of a Town Seal should look like or include. Best of luck. Fell free to share with us your version of the seal, we would love to see it!

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