Admit it, living in the digital age can be complicated. As much as I enjoy it, there are times that I have to put my phone aside and take a break from it.

With the use of the most popular social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok, there's a lot going on.

Have we forgotten how to properly text?


In addition to sharing our lives and communicating with others on social media, we also do it in our day to day lives. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you know what I'm talking about.

At times, we may "forget" to text someone back or accidentally miss their message. A Lot can be interpreted when we do this.

However, there may be an easier solution to responding back to others Your reaction may be the only response that they need.

Have you ever reacted to a text message before?


We have upgraded from just sending emojis or gifts. 

Some may consider this to be something that they do in addition to a text or simply just as a reply without responding any other way. They can be quick, fun and an easy way to communicate back. 

Here's how to react to a text message.


Simply open your messages on your phone and click on the conversation you want to have. Then, tap and hold on the message that you want to react to. It will then popup of how you can react.

Choose from different reactions such as love, like, dislike, laugh, exclamation and more. Lastly, click on the reaction and send it. You will then see in the corner of the reaction you chose.

Is this a proper way to have a conversation?

Personally, I don't believe that this is a proper way to respond to someone's text message when communicating?

The Hudson Valley also weighed in with their response and we want to hear from you.

71% said it's rude to just use reactions as a response.

29% said that its easy and a good idea to use reactions as a response.

What do you think? Share with us below.

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