A special crackdown will be going on.

The holiday season is coming up very quickly and most people look forward to reconnecting with family and friends. A lot of times reconnecting means grabbing a drink somewhere whether it's at your place, a friend's place or a local bar. One drink can easily morph into 3, 4 and so on, but it's so important to be careful and make sure you have a safe ride home. One local law enforcement agency put out a statement warning everyone about impaired driving and mentioned there's going to be a special DWI Crackdown for Thanksgiving.

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What is being done to increase the safety of Hudson Valley motorists?

Law enforcement agencies in Dutchess County are going to be participating in a special effort to help crackdown on impaired driving. This usually happens around a major holiday and law enforcement will be out in full force to try and help reduce the number of alcohol related deaths and injuries.


It's going to start right in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The effort will start on Wednesday, November 23rd and it will go through Sunday, November 27th. As many people know, Thanksgiving Eve (November 23rd) is usually a big party night and many people go out to celebrate. At all the bars and restaurants, you'll see lines of people trying to get in and people ready to enjoy a few days off. However, take a few extra moments to coordinate your plans and prevent getting pulled over.

What happens if you get a DWI?

It's definitely not something you want to mess around with. Not only can you harm someone else or yourself, but there are hefty penalties for it. There are multiple penalties depending on the situation and the most extreme one includes a $10,000 fine and up to 7 years in prison. Wow not good....

Be safe out there, coordinate a ride home, and remember that we all want to have a safe holiday season.

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