One popular Hudson Valley movie theater location made a huge announcement regarding their return.

Here's another step in the right direction as we get closer and closer to normalcy in the Hudson Valley.

A lot of people may have forgotten what it's like to wait in line for a movie ticket, get a buttery tub of popcorn, turn off your cell phone and sit in a large cinema surrounded by other movie goers.

It's been a weird year and a half. So many industries have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. You could argue that the film and movie theater industry has been rocked the hardest.

Movie theaters were not just ruled non essential early on in the pandemic but also labeled a place where the coronavirus was likely to spread. After several months with their doors closed some theaters opened up. One of the first major chains to do so was AMC Theatres. Some of their locations opened in January of 2021.

Many in the Hudson Valley have been patiently waiting for Regal Cinemas to return. It's been over a year since Hudson Valley residents could enter a Regal Cinemas location.

Today, a huge announcement was made on the Poughkeepsie Galleria's Facebook Page. The Regal Cinemas location in the mall is officially open.

According to signage at Regal Cinemas, patrons will still asked to wear masks.



Streaming movies at home has become so routine now. It's convenient but it just lacks that magic that you get when you're in front of the large screen and surrounded by high quality speakers.

The Regal Cinemas in Fishkill appears to remain closed at this time.


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