Time to ask the Hudson Valley experts....how accurate is this list?

I'm still pretty new to the area, but I have noticed some phrases that stand out and that are used frequently by Hudson Valley locals. I've noticed a few on my own, but I thought it would be enlightening to open up the question online and ask everyone to share what they have heard as well.

Oh, I learned a lot...

Here are the top words and phrases that can be heard in the Hudson Valley:

#1- "Wedge"

I'm not going to get that deep with this one because I know people around here get very serious when it comes to food. Some people say this is a shortened version of the word sandwich, while others say "I'll take my sandwich on a wedge". However, you use it is fine and it's a common phrase you hear around here.


#2- "That side of the river"

When people say this they act like they are describing something across the country. If you have to take one of the bridges to get to where you need to go you will commonly hear someone use this phrase. There are many people who are loyal to the side of the river they live on and avoid going to the other side when possible.

#3- "Don't take the Taconic"

Google Maps
Google Maps

Most people try to avoid taking the Taconic State Parkway when they can. If you are the driver, you will commonly hear the passenger say this phrase. It's used even more in bad weather and at night. Whether it's the sharp turns, narrow lanes or more many Hudson Valley people try to avoid driving on it.

Are there some words or phrases that we missed? Share them with us on the station app.

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SIDE NOTE: No one is making fun of anyone or bashing the Hudson Valley. This is all in good fun, so no need to get upset or stress out.

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