The Dutchess County camp is still open for campers and many previous campers who attended have a ton of nostalgia during the summer season.

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I'm not handling it well that the summer season is almost over. I'm a beach, lake, 90 degree weather girl and my body is literally having a reaction to the upcoming doom seasons (fall and winter) coming up. I'm not kidding, my sinuses have been a mess since the last week of August. I've been talking to many people about their summer memories and previous summer memories and a certain camp keeps getting mentioned for all the right reasons.

Just look at this view.

Camp Kinder Ring is a sleepaway camp that is located in Hopewell Junction, NY. Many kids from the city would come to the camp and enjoy beautiful sunsets, full lake life and see what being in the "country" was like. The camp is still open today and there's a lot of excitement in the air when summer begins and you see the long line of cars down the road for drop off day.

I've recently met some people who attended the camp when they were younger and they said it was an amazing experience. They mentioned how they can close their eyes and still remember all of the fun they had and some of them even still keep in touch with those who they met at the camp. It was really nice to see that the camp triggered a lot of nostalgia and great feelings from those who attended.

I have driven by the camp and it's always really sad when you see it completely empty, you don't hear the laughter of all the campers and you notice everything has been packed away for the season. it is nice to know that so many people enjoyed their time there and hopefully it brings some good karma to the area. Here's to counting the down days down until next summer.

Hopefully the next set of campers will have amazing memories there and keep this nice tradition going.

Did you or someone you know attend Camp Kinder Ring?? What memories do you have from there? Are there other camps you attended in the Hudson Valley that you really enjoyed? send your answers in on the station app.

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