Why buy furniture when you can make it yourself? I have always admired my friends who create their own pieces of art or furniture. I’m sure that you know what I mean.

It’s impressive to see how someone can transform another persons treasure and can bring it back to life. On the other hand, creating something from scratch sounds very rewarding.

A local museum is offering woodworking classes. This intro class includes projects such as Adirondack chair and table making. This is your time to shine and bring out your inner creative side.

Located at the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston, this is the perfect spot to walk around, window shop, grab something to eat or drink and enjoy the day. This exciting event highlights the beauty of the Hudson River and historic sites of Kingston.

Each date offers a different class of how to build an item, furniture or boat. As for example, September 4-5, 2021 is when you are able to build your own Adirondack chair. If you are interested in creating your own bookcase then grab a spot at the class on September 26, 2021.

Registration is now open, to find out more info about this class, other events and the Wooden Boat School be sure to click the link here.

Here are other classes being offered in the Hudson Valley.

Classes and workshops available at Kingston Ceramics Studio, Kingston

Cooking classes available at Beacon Pantry, Beacon

Gardening classes with flowers and plants available at Stony Kill Farm, Wappingers Falls

Have you ever taken a class or attended a workshop that had a positive outcome? We would love to hear from you below.

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