Have you ever just got into your car and wanted to go for a drive? I find myself cruising around different places with one of my friends during the summer months. There's something about going for a ride that's therapeutic. Whether you are by yourself or someone else, the experience can be fun just by doing that.


I like to explore a variety of places here in the Hudson Valley. Between the beautiful views, the endless hiking trails and historical sites, there is so much to see. I enjoy mural searching when I'm traveling but especially in our area. Murals are so fascinating and I love seeing local artwork on display in the coolest places. Here are some hot spots to see super cool wall art in the Hudson Valley.


Kingston has a bunch of pretty sweet murals. If you're down to just walk around this historical town, be sure to start in uptown and make your way down Broadway for the full experience. Artemis Emerging from the Quarry on Crown Street is one of my favorites. I also really like Between Realms We Grow Roots on North Front Street.

Saugerties is another older town that has fascinating murals throughout. They have a really neat piece of wall art on one of the most historic building in the town. The mural says "Let Saugerties Grow Gracefully, It's Up To You and Me!". I also found more murals randomly down a street with some banks. Go figure!

New Paltz is filled with all the good vibes, that's one of my favorite places to be. I love the hiking trails, views of the gunks and the delicious food of course. Did you happen to see the super cool mural at the main intersection? You probably have passed this wall art a bunch of times. On your next visit through, be sure to stop and enjoy Stetz's mural outside of Bacchus restaurant! Don't forget to take a selfie or two.


What murals have you spotted in the Hudson Valley? I would love to know all the details.

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