A local nonprofit group has asked for help after their posters and signs keep disappearing. The group claims it's politically motivated.

Advertisements for an upcoming community event are being taken off of lawns and buildings and it's unclear exactly why, but the group claims it's the fault of some angry Hudson Valley "haters."

Disappearing lawn signs aren't new. During the last election, a man being driven around by an elderly couple was seen stealing political signs in broad daylight on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie. The flip-flop-wearing sign thief was witnessed removing signs advertising for Congressman Pat Ryan and other Democratic candidates.

Now it appears that another sign thief is on the loose, but this time they're accused of stealing signs for the upcoming Poughkeepsie Pride Parade and Festival. A member of the Dutchess County Pride Center posted a message on the group's Facebook page asking the community to help spread the word about their event after advertising banners and signs have gone missing.

We are putting up lawn signs and posters everywhere, but the haters and homophobes keep pulling them up and tearing them down. So I'm asking everyone to spread the word to anyone and everyone so we can have a huge turnout and show the jerks that they can't stop us!


June is pride month and there are many events scheduled over the next few weeks throughout the Hudson Valley to celebrate diversity. A pride "Kick Off" dance party is being held on Saturday featuring a drag show and auction. There will also be a Rainbow Run 5K, a youth pride painting class, lectures and even a pride night sponsored by the Hudson Valley Renegades. The biggest event, however, will be the huge Poughkeepsie Pride Parade and Festival on June 10.

The parade takes place starting at 4pm at Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie. You can find more details about the parade and how to participate at the Dutchess County Pride Center's website.

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The Boise Police Department is investigating after at least 35 Pride flags have been stolen or damaged from the North End in the past week.

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