I can't possibly be the only golfer that this happened to this year. The end of the season came up so quickly. We were cruising along with some great Fall golf and then suddenly it was over. The frost and cold temperatures set in resulting in that hope for one more round vanishing.

Well, good news Hudson Valley golfers! This week's mild weather is making it possible for you to get out and play one more time, that is if you can find the time. One Hudson Valley golf course announced today that they will be open this week (12/14 thru 12/17/2021) offering us the chance for one more round.

Part of me didn't want to share this news out of fear that the course would be packed. After all, it is only 4 days and daylight is so limited this time of year. But the truth is, I won't have the time to get out for even 9 holes this week much less 18 and I don't want anyone who can get out to miss the chance.

Hudson Valley Golf Course Re-Opens

Apple Greens Golf Course posted that they will be Re-Open for the next 4 days. This week's weather is affording them and all of us diehard golfers one more round in the 2021 season. Hopefully, you haven't buried your clubs too far back in the garage.

If you have a favorite spot you like to play you may want to check in with them to see if this spring-like weather has them re-opening. Casperkill Golf Club in Poughkeepsie posted on November 23rd they would be open until the first snow so they may be open this week. McCann Memorial Golf Club appears to be open based on their Facebook page listing. Stony Ford Golf Course in Campbell Hall is also still listing hours on Facebook.

Here's to next Spring and Golf 2022


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