Food trucks have taken over fairs, festivals, events and more throughout the Hudson Valley. They allow residents and visitors to support local business, enjoy fresh food which is usually prepared daily and select unique options that are available.

A Hudson Valley food truck will soon hit the road bringing a new signal to our area.

Here's A Sneak Peek At Hudson Valley Hottest New Food Truck At Sullivan County, NY Business

Annie's Ruff Cut
Canva, Allison Kay

I love exploring the Hudson Valley and coming across hidden gems along the way. It was my first time visiting a town that I had never heard of before.

This town is Sullivan County, NY's second smallest town with an awkward name.

While visiting, I came across a hidden gem that is known to have "the best roast beef". Along with being known for their great food, they will soon have a unique food truck hitting Hudson Valley roads.

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Sullivan County, NY Business Expanding With A Food Truck, Fire Truck

Signal 10 food truck fire truck
Canva, Allison Kay

Annie's Ruff Cut is a well-known, popular business located in Sullivan County,  NY.

Annie's Ruff Cut is located in Cochecton, NY. Hidden down a quiet road surrounded by beautiful green acres and trees, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a meal outdoors.

While visiting Annie's Ruff Cut, I enjoyed a delicious chicken wrap and a peanut butter pie dessert. I did see that other guests were enjoying their highly-rated roast beef meal.

Annie's Ruff Cut has a relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, and mouthwatering food options.

Their appetizers range from onion rings, mozzarella sticks, quesadillas and fried cheese curds. Some of their popular dinner options are their ruff cut roast beef, fresh steamed pastrami, avocado blt and roasted turkey. There are salads, wings, subs and more available.

Be sure to save room for their locally-made dessert options as well. Those who are visiting Bethel Woods Center for the Arts can make this a pit stop before their next event.

Sitting outdoors, enjoying a freshly made meal at Annie's Ruff Cut before a Bethel Woods concert was an ideal summer night. 

Bethel Woods has made major announcements already for their 2024 concert season.

Signal 10 is a new addition to Annie's Ruff Cut.

Signal 10 Lives At Annie's Ruff Cut In Sullivan County, NY

Signal 10 fire truck food truck
Canva, Allison Kay

While visiting Annie's Ruff Cut recently, I saw a firetruck on site. I learned that this firetruck is a food truck and will soon hit the road to serve hungry customers hopefully by the Spring.

Signal 10 will bring "Food to the Rescue". This food truck that is a fire truck will serve unique options throughout the Hudson Valley, different from what Annie's Ruff Cut is cooking up.

Foodies can follow Annie's Ruff Cut to learn more about their official opening of Signal 10 in the Spring.

Which Hudson Valley food truck is your favorite? Share with us below.

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