I often meet people who randomly talk about crystals. As soon as I hear them mention it, I get excited. Over the past couple of years, I have noticed more people becoming aware of what they are and what they do.

I recently got into having crystals and healing stones a few years back. It started off as I received them as gifts and would then be attracted to certain ones. Once I bought one or two that appealed to me, I researched what they did and were meant for, and it seemed as if it was exactly what I needed at that time.

Healing stones and crystals are typically meant to promote “good vibes” or in a sense, good energy. Crystals can date back in time to being forms of healing or even medicine. If you are familiar with Buddhism or Hinduism, then this would be something that you may already know of.

Here are a few places within the Hudson Valley that you can visit to grab some crystals or healing stones.

Crystal Connection, Wurtsboro

Crystal Connection is known for being the largest crystal shop within the Northeast. I was super excited when I arrived at the shop since they have huge amethyst thrones out front. The store is in an 1890’s Methodist Church with all of these bright colors. I like that they have crystal jewelry. They also offer aura photography on site which I must check out sometime soon.

Find out about their products, hours, and new expansion here.

Sunshine Studios, Middletown

Sunshine Studios has a welcoming vibe as soon as you pull up. By the time I got into the store and smelt all the incense, candles, and oils, I felt right at home. They have a variety of gifts, clothing, and crystals. I always pick up their body lotions and oil to keep with me. I can never leave without grabbing a sage bundle as well.

Check out their crystals online by visiting here.

Good Vibes Rock, Campbell Hall

Located next to Noble Coffee Roasters, Good Vibes Rock honors female entrepreneurs within the Hudson Valley. The items in Good Vibes Rock are hand made and each brings a different vibe to the shop. From t-shirts to dreamcatchers, soaps and candles, there is something for everyone. It is hard for me to leave with just one item. I love the welcoming feeling I get when I visit.

Find out more about the Good Vibes Rock and the shop here.

Do you have any crystals? Do you enjoy visit crystal shops? Share with us below.


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