For the past nine months, the world has been watching the conflict between Ukraine and Russia that started due to Russia's invasion. The chaos of the current situation has devastated the lives of countless individuals and has resulted in the deaths of thousands of lives. It was even reported recently that one New York resident was included in the most recent casualties.The shockwaves of this war have left numerous Ukrainian people displaced around the world. Which brings us to our area of the Hudson Valley.

Violence Escalates As Kiev Protests Continue
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Bard College New Scholarship Program

Bard College, is a private school located at Annandale-on-Hudson here in the Hudson Valley. The school during semesters acts as a temporary home for students from all over the world. Recently it was announced that the school would be starting a new scholarship program designed strictly to help its Ukrainian students.

As it currently stands, the scholarship will assist 60 Ukrainian students. The scholarship is also open to Ukrainian students who are currently without an option to continue their higher education due to the continuing war.


When Does It Start?

The official name of this scholarship program is the Bard Emergency Ukrainian Student Refuge Program. Students are able to get their applications now and have until November 23rd to get it.

From there, students will have until December 1st to fill out the application and submit all required information. Applications will be sorted through during the 2023 Spring semester and recipients of the scholarship will reap its benefits starting in the 2023 Fall semester.

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What Is In the Bard Ukrainian Scholarship?

The scholarship itself and how much each individual will get from it will differ on a case by case basis but the minimum of the scholarship will cover "full-tuition". Other factors like housing and living expenses stipends will be individually assessed. The scholarship will also be active for an academic full year and the possibility for renewal does exist.

In addition, this program will not only be available through Bard, but also its affiliate colleges in New York City, Massachusetts and Berlin.

Bard's History

This is a great initiative put forward by Bard College to help out their students who clearly need it. However, this is not the first time that Bard has opened its arms for those in need. Back in the 1930's Bard welcomed numerous individuals who fled Europe due to the increasing power of the Nazi party. The college would do the same thing again in the 1950s when it welcomed hundreds of students from Hungary, who fled home due to the Soviet invasion.

Many other instances of Bard being a beacon for students in need exist and it looks like this scholarship program is the continuation of its humanitarian efforts toward students in need, who wish to start or continue their academic careers.

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