Just a few months ago, this building was in pretty bad condition, but now new Hudson Valley businesses are occupying it.

I have noticed a big transformation in a building that I have passed by every day on my commute.

A few months ago, the building was in really, really bad shape. All of the paint was chipping, it looked like a few windows were broken and I think at one point the door was even hanging off. You get the point, the building was rough. During my morning drive, I started to notice that work was getting done on the building and it started to transform into something great.

What building on Noxon Road has made a complete transformation?


Here it is, it's amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. The building is located at 360 Noxon Road in Poughkeepsie. I'm not sure what was in the building before, but it always surprised me that nothing was in it because it's a great spot right off the road.

That's not the case anymore. The building has undergone a complete renovation and the signs on the side of the road mentioned how law offices are now in there and a recovery gym. I took another look at the sign and it looks like a few different people are occupying the building during this time.

  • Injury Attorneys
  • The Lab Recovery Gym
  • Lawyers Offices
  • Firas Nesheiwat Attorney at Law
  • Express Details Management

It's always great to see a building or business make a complete transformation. Good luck to everyone there with their business.

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