A unique Hudson Valley shop is now open. Shoppers can now make purchases online of merchandise for a limited time.

This pop up shop has something for everyone to wear and represent the Hudson Valley area and its historical past.

One Of The 'Longest Bridges In The Entire World' Is In The Hudson Valley

The Bear Mountain Bridge is a historic bridge located in Orange and Westchester Counties in New York state.

The New York State Bridge Authority stated that the Bear Mountain Bridge was, 

"first vehicular river crossing between New York City and Albany."

They also shared, 

"At the time it was built, it was also the longest suspension bridge in the world and the first suspended bridge to have a concrete deck."

Millions of drivers have driven across the Bear Mountain Bridge since the 1920's.

Historic Hudson Valley Bridge Celebrates 100th Birthday

Many of the bridges that we drive over in the Hudson Valley have historical stories behind them. 

Destination Rockland made a post on social media about a historic bridge. The Bear Mountain Bridge was built in 1924 which makes 2024, its 100th birthday. 

The Bear Mountain Bridge was purchased by The New York State Bridge Authority which was previously owned by the Bear Mountain Hudson River Bridge Company. This purchase took place in September 1940 for $2,275,000.

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Celebrate Hudson Valley History With Limited Time Pop Up Shop

The New York State Bridge Authority made a post on social media about the Bear Mountain Bridge.

They shared, 

"Exciting news!

✨Now Open!✨ The Bear Mountain Bridge Centennial Online Pop-Up Shop is now OPEN through July 15th, 2024. "

History buffs and Hudson Valley residents can now purchase official gear to celebrate this historic bridge and its 100th birthday.

The New York State Bridge Authority stated that some of their merchandise is limited.

They also mentioned that all of the funds from these purchases will go towards the support of their centennial celebration and activities Items such as activewear in short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more are for sale online.

Additional information can be found on The New York State Bridge Authority's website and social media accounts.

What other Hudson Valley bridge would you want to buy merchandise of? Will you support the Bear Mountain Bridge and purchase something from their pop up shop? Tell us more below.

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