If you’ve ever had a pet before, you know how much love they bring into a household. 

There’s nothing quite like being greeted by fur friends or having them cuddle with you after a long day. I always find it fascinating that we cannot speak to them or understand exactly what we are saying but they hold a special place in our hearts.

However, there are some people who can actually understand what their pet is saying (yes, I’m one of them, haha).

When it comes to veterinary care, it can be difficult to keep up with routine check ups, random appointments and prices. Thankfully there are organizations that can help with the cost of certain services.

A Hudson Valley Animal Rescue is working with other groups to bring discounted vet exams to our area. Pets Alive, located in Middletown, is doing their part.

They have teamed up with Besties Animal Rescue and Catskill Vet Service to bring wellness exams to the Hudson Valley with a drop in price.

A rabies vaccine and wellness exam would only be offered to the community for $26. Helping Hands Helping Paws is the event name.

The clinic for September will take place on September, 26st 2021 at Greenville’s VFM Post 3175 located in Port Jervis from 9am-12pm.

If you are interested in having your pet receive any other vaccines or services, the will also be at a discounted fee.

Find out more information here.

If you are looking to adopt a furry friend from other shelters, click here.

Here are other charitable and hardworking, local animal shelters, rescues and organizations to visit.

HVSPCA, New Windsor

Walden Humane Society, Walden

Ulster County SPCA, Kingston 

Have you ever attended an event similar to this? Will you bring your pet to this upcoming wellness check? Share with us below.

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