I'm curious how it got started and how people know how to do it. A few years ago I lost two of the hubcaps on my car after hitting a HUGE pothole in the area. I was so mad and to make matters worse it happened right after I just put new tires on my car. One of my coworkers noticed they were missing on my car when I pulled in later that day and at first started laughing, but then said something that really surprised me.


Hubcap courtesey rule:

She mentioned how I should drive over to the area where it happened (maybe give it a few days) and see if anyone placed it on the side of the road. I looked at her like she had 3 heads, but she then started explaining that that's what people do if they find a hubcap. They will place it near the side of the road or near something in the area where they found it so it's easier for the person to find.

Nobody ever told me about this since I have started driving. I have noticed recently that there have been more hubcaps near the side of the road and I thought about what a good idea it really is. Did you know about this rule? Is it just a Hudson Valley thing or does everyone know about it? How did you hear about it? Are there any other driving rules we should be aware of? Send your answers into the station app.

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