Ok, I obviously have too much time on my hands if I can work through this theory. So, bear with me and read through this before you judge.

Here is my thought. We have turned into the Jetsons. You know the cartoon show that was originally on TV 1962-1963. The same show that have video phone calls, cars that flew, robots that worked in the house and food that came in pods?

  • So, do we or do we not have video phone calls and think nothing about making them? Whether it is Facetime, Zoom, whatever it is, we have it and we use it.
  • The flying cars? Hello! Every car and tech company is working on some version of a driverless vehicle.
  • Robots that work for us in our home? Yes, they are starting to be more ingrained in our daily lives. The Roomba for instance. That could be considered a robot for the home. Think back to the movie Rocky IV where they had a robot who danced with Paulie and delivered drinks.
  • Food that comes in pods? Think about k-Cups. That's a pod that we cannot live without? Or those Nescafe pods.
  • Don't even get me started on how drones have the potential to deliver items that you order online.

So, while I might not have convinced you that we are living "The Jetson's" life, I hope that I have provided a few stepping off points to continue the discussion. Now, back to work before Mr Spacely finds us goofing off.

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