There's a new way to smack talk according to my kids.

As a single dad of two kids under 18, on the weekends that I have them I seem to learn something new and this past weekend was no different. After starting the weekend arguing over the board game Monopoly, we switched over to video games on Saturday and they convinced me to play some Fortnite with them.

If you've never played Fortnite before, it can be a bit overwhelming for non-gamers like me but I agreed to play and off we went. After playing for a while I started to understand how to play the game, but the thing that stood out to me the most was the amount of smack talk these kids throw back and forth with each other.

Smack talk amongst friends is all part of playing games, as a kid I would always use classic "Yo Momma" jokes or something like that. Nowadays the kids have terms that I've never heard of before and I thought I might share some of them with other "out of the loop" parents like me so you know what the kids are saying when they're playing.

The first thing I heard other kids saying was "God you play like such a bot!" Now I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it means that whoever is playing is playing like a computer and like a wannabe gamer..‍♂️.

The next phrase was, "you have no earnings!" My son Jackson told me it means that you have no worth in the game. Think your a peasant and I'm royalty. I think ...LOL! The most popular smack talk term I heard while playing with the kids was....drumroll please....."Your dog water!" Which I'm guessing is like me using the worst "yo momma" joke I could think of back then. Think, "Yo mama's so old, her social security number is one." Yup, smack talk has kind of evolved, but dog water?

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