So I was listening to the confirmation hearings for the woman who could be the next female associate justice on the nations highest court, when I hear the reporter say, that should Amy Coney Barrett, be confirmed that she would be the 5th woman to sit on the bench.

It got me to thinking. Who are the 5 women? Here are the distinguished ladies that I could recall, and let's just say (almost embarrassed to say) my count was not adding up to 5.

  1. Sandra Day O'Connor, because she was the first woman to take a seat on the court. She was nominated by President Regan and she sat on the bench from 1981-2006.
  2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to hold a seat on the highest court. She was nominated by President Clinton and she served from 1993 until her recent passing. Not only will she be known as a Supreme Court Justice, but also as a cultural icon.
  3. Sonja Sotomayor, the third woman to be nominated to the court. Sotomayor's nomination came from President Obama and she has served since 2009. I know her (in addition to her job on the court) for her staunch support of the New York Yankees (she was born in the Bronx) and for the awareness that she has brought to others of her living as an insulin dependent diabetic.
  4. So.... Who was #4 if Barrett would potentially be #5? Had to look this up (embarrassingly). The fourth female justice to the Supreme Court was also nominated by President Obama, Elena Kagan. Then President Obama had also nominated her to be the first female Solicitor General of the United States (SG). As SG, she argued 6 cases before the Supreme Court. She started her service as justice in 2010, just one year after Sotomayor. Kagan hails from New York City, but has no known baseball affiliation as I cannot recall her throwing out the first pitch at a Yankee game. Does that mean she is a NY Mets fan?

The confirmation hearings continue for Amy Coney Barrett and in a few short days, news will come as to whether or not she will be the next Associate Judge of the Supreme Court. For the record, she's a Notre Dame football fan.

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