Many Hudson Valley and New York residents have long commutes to work. Sometimes snacking can take your mind off the stress of being stuck in traffic, and not moving anywhere fast. And sometimes there's simply no time to stop for breakfast or dinner.

You may not realize it, but these extra calories can really start to add up over time. a recent study says that a person's likelihood of becoming obese increases by 6% for every hour they spend commuting.

The average commute time for someone in New York is a little over 33 minutes. In a recent study by Stacker, four Hudson Valley counties ranked in the state's top 10 for longest commutes.

How Many Calories Do New Yorkers Eat a Year Behind the Wheel? 

According to a new study by Gunther Mazda, foods such as chips, burgers, and fries land at the top of the list of things drivers are stuffing into their mouths as they're yelling at other drivers on their way to and from work. On average, a driver in the U.S. consumed 199,997 calories while commuting each year.

New York is actually a bit below the national average, as the study concluded that we consumed over 190,000 calories while driving in 2022. New Jersey was at 187,121 a year. Massachusetts 199, 815. Connecticut 183,182. Pennsylvania was at a substantially higher 242,527 calories a year.

Nevada was highest in the nation at over 287,000 calories. Maine was the lowest at only 65,000.


The study by Gunther Mazda concluded that 75% of commuters say that the more time they spend on their commute, the less time they spend exercising when they get home. This, unfortunately, can have a determinantal effect on your health as time goes on.

Do you have a favorite go-to snack on your way to or from your job?

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