I love those experiences when you just happened to stumble upon a place or town. When I visiting Catskill with my sister, we were driving around the town and found some pretty fascinating sites.

There were a bunch of historical markers, older houses and the main attraction, Uncle Sam’s house. We were both shocked and excited at the same time. My sister is a huge history buff and couldn’t believe what she saw.

This site was actually across from a gas station off of Main Street in Catskill. There is also a tiki bar on the bottom half of the house which made it an even more impressive situation.

Uncle Sam was known as the official symbol of the United States. He lived at this residence from 1817 until 1823. He was also known as Samuel Wilson. Uncle Sam was a meat packer from Troy, New York. During the War of 1812, Uncle Sam helped supply beef for the US Army. At this house, Martin Van Buren was married on site. He was the 8th president of the United States. 

I was not able to go into Uncle Sam’s house but coming across it randomly made my day. To be standing on the ground of where he lived was a gift itself. There is endless amounts of history to learn here in the Hudson Valley. 

Check out some of my other favorite historical sites in our area.

  • The Mastodon dig of 1801 located in Montgomery, New York.
  • Sybil Ludington’s marker of 1777 located in Carmel, New York. 
  • The Four Corners represents the four houses built before the the Revolutionary War in Kingston.

Find out more about Uncle Sam's house and location here.

Did you know that Uncle Sam’s house was in the Hudson Valley? What’s your favorite historical site? Share with us below.

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