Did you know that by having a library card you have a ticket to just about anywhere in the world? Ok, I am talking about visiting places with your mind, an experience you can get while you are reading a book.

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. Do you have one? I have two, not that I am bragging, but both offer different "extras" as well as access to different loan items. If you don't have one a great place to start is with your local library.

At my last count, there are 90 libraries in the Mid-Hudson Library system and there is a very cool reciprocity throughout. Meaning that you can rent or check out and item at any one of those libraries and then return it at anyone of the other locations. Also, if there is an item, say at the Claverack location and you are at the Kingston library, you can request it to be sent to your home library so you can check it out.

So what do you need to get a library card? Until recently the only way to get one was by "applying" for one in person, but now you can complete the process online, if you want to only use online items, like eBooks, audio books downloaded, or watching streaming items online. You can also access a vast number of magazines that you can read online as well.  If you want to check out items in person and bring items home, you will need to follow-up with a library in-person, showing proof of residency and photo ID, so you can start checking out items in person.

Just a heads up, library cards will need to be renewed every two years. When you get that email, you just need to show up to a branch in person and show your ID again. Get your card and get reading.

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