The holiday cheer is spreading throughout the Hudson Valley and so are the delicious holiday flavors.

So...I'm not the biggest holiday person, but one thing that makes it tolerable are the delicious ice cream and coffee flavors that come out. Usually peppermint anything is at the top of the list and it quickly vanishes as soon as the holidays are done. One popular holiday favorite is returning to the Hudson Valley's favorite ice cream spot and you'll want to head down there and enjoy it while you can.

What holiday favorite is returning to Joe's Dairy Bar in Hopewell Junction, NY?

When I moved into the Hopewell Junction area I was introduced to Joe's Dairy Bar and having ice cream just hasn't been the same since then. Joe's has great food, amazing ice cream and there are usually always people waiting in line to enjoy it (I've waited in a long line many times just to get my ice cream fix).

Recently, Joe's put up a Facebook Post and it mentioned how a holiday favorite was returning and is available now for customers.


My mouth is already watering just looking at this. It's safe to say that customers are VERY excited that this has returned.

Joe's Dairy Bar does have a ton of cool flavors so if you're not a peppermint fan, there's surely something else you will enjoy. Also, they always do a really good job decorating for each holiday and it's really cool to see what they come up with each year.

The best way to get through the holiday season is to treat yourself to something sweet.

We are talking about sweet things so keep this in mind for next year, here are some of the worst Halloween candies:

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