It's about that time to recognize the work of the local garbage collector.

Global Garbage Man Day is this Friday (June 17). According to National Day Calendar, the day takes time to recognize the dedicated efforts of men and women who keep our communities clean.

I've always had respect for the garbage man (aka sanitation specialists or waste management professionals).  Growing up as a kid, I always heard that it was actually a great-paying job. Well, yes and no. According to, the average salary of a trash collector in the City of Poughkeepsie for instance, is $43, 309, but the salary range typically falls between $37, 554 and $51,285. Not too bad, but I feel the job should pay much more.

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How to Observe Global Garbage Man (and Woman) Day

Thanking garbage men and women is an obvious no-brainer on this particular holiday. You can also learn about your community's sanitation needs, and take part in a local recycling program. Another way of showing appreciation for these dedicated workers is to meet them at the curb and give them a hand if you have unusually large amounts of garbage being picked up.

I've actually seen this first hand, done on numerous occasions by my building manager Roy. He's often seen helping by passing trash cans to the garbage collectors and then returning the empty cans back to where they belong afterward. It's definitely a nice gesture, and something we all can do if we have some extra time to spare. Use #GarbageManDay to post to social media.

How will you honor your local Garbage Man on Friday?

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