In this economy, if feels like every cent matters. That's why more than a few Hudson Valley, NY residents are getting antsy about receiving their Homeowners Tax Rebate Credit (HTRC) from the state of New York. Luckily, there's good news.

Homeowners Tax Rebate Credit in the Hudson Valley, NY

"Has anyone living in East Fishkill gotten their home owner tax rebate?", a recent Facebook post began. Responses were mixed. "Wappingers School District/Hopewell property taxes. We got ours a few weeks ago", commented one local resident. "Nothing yet", lamented another. Receiving your check can depend on a few factors.

Receiving Your Tax Rebate Credit

First (and most obvious), you must qualify for a rebate credit in the first place. You can check your eligibility here. Second, your income bracket must qualify you to receive a rebate credit for an amount larger than $100, as the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance cannot legally remit checks for lower than that amount. You can calculate the amount you are due to receive here. Third, and perhaps the most frustrating, you have to be very careful when you check your mail.


Lost Checks in Dutchess County, NY

Many Hudson Valley residents said that they found their checks, which are reportedly sent in a standard, thin envelope, "hiding" in their other mail. "Got it and it could easily have been missed as spam or whatever", shared a Dutchess County woman. "Ours was stuck inside the flyers, I wasn't even looking for it at the time. Husband found it", said another. It also seems that some people not expecting for the check to be difficult to spot may have missed it entirely. "Just went back in my emails and it was out for delivery 6/8 and I never got it", one unfortunate Arlington resident shared.

If you're still waiting for your rebate credit, use the resources above and sift through the mail like you're the FBI, and hopefully you'll have a little extra money in your pocket in no time. If you want to spend it on some million-dollar real estate, check out the literal castle in Orange County, NY that used to be owned by none other than Derek Jeter below... just wait until you see the view from the infinity pool.

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