There's unique homes... and then there's this one.

Any current or aspiring homeowner loves scrolling through their feed to find the coolest houses on the market. Sometimes you find something interesting you want to add to your own home too.

Zillow Gone Wild via Facebook

This might not be one of those cases.

A Whole New Waterbed

Described by Zillow Gone Wild as one of the "most interesting buildings we've ever seen", this New York City carriage house is certainly one for the books. Looks are deceiving, because you'd never guess what's inside this formal dental office.

Originally built in 1920, the 5 bedroom - 5 bathroom home is a total of 6,500 square feet. Inside the owners have built a "one-of-a-kind" waterfall, that pours from the lofted bed upstairs into a moat in the living area.

Zillow Gone Wild via Facebook
Zillow Gone Wild via Facebook

To make things even crazier, the home even includes a "drawbridge" to connect the studio office to the rear living area. Who would ever dream up a house like this, let alone fork up the money to pay for it?

When everything is compiled together, all we can say is GOOD LUCK guessing the final price tag on this house. You're not going to believe it.

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Sketchy skylights, an indoor waterfall and living room moat... this home is certainly one for the books.

The "one-of-a-kind" home comes out at $7.5 million, which doesn't include what your potential water bill will be. Hopefully the uniqueness of the home makes it worth it!

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