In the 1980's you could see a good concert for around $10 plus tax. In the 1990's the average price of a concert ticket rose to around $25 plus tax. In 2022 you could see a ticket price of $100, for example, and when you 'check out' the final price is $225! Hidden fees need to go!

Earlier this year the New York Post reported that Governor Hochul signed a bill that will make it more difficult for vendors to apply hidden charges for concerts and sporting events. What progress has been made since this Summer? Not enough says New York State Senator James Skoufis, who spoke with Rolling Stone.

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There is a lot of non-compliance there, no question about it,” Skoufis says. “There is no gray area here, it’s black and white. I think [the ticket services] are testing the boundaries of what they can get away with. The statute doesn’t provide for leeway. Either you’re showing all-in prices, or you’re disclosing the face-value prices, or you’re not. - James Skoufis

As concert goers or fans attending sporting events all we want to see is the face value of the item we are buying and/or the all-in final price. If I go to Hannaford to purchase a package of mashed potatoes, for example, I see the price is $3.49 and I know there will be tax. Imagine if that $3.49 plus tax became $14.89 due to hidden fees. You probably wouldn't but the potatoes. reports that Skoufis is in discussions with the New York State Attorney General’s Office about possible action. Looks like New York is getting help from the President as well.

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