Here in New York, I’m not sure why there isn’t a Snowplow Driver appreciation day. In Wisconsin, this holiday is celebrated on November 30th.

I say that with the winter that we have had, this idea should become an actual appreciation date. Winter 2021 has brought us quite a surprise. For the past couple of years, the Hudson Valley hasn’t had many snowstorms. As for this year, it seems that it’s been one after another.

As we sit here and possibly get annoyed with all the snow that we have had, we should take time to say thank you to the folks who make the roads safe for us. Snowplow drivers head out in the late hours into early mornings, deal with super cold temps and put themselves into unsafe conditions.

I can’t imagine being the first one on the road during a winter storm and having to clear the way for everyone else’s safety. These hard-working snow heroes’ usually work long hours along without a break and possibly working a second job as well.

Regardless of how great of a job that they do, there will always be slippery spots. Hopefully this is our last snowstorm of the season but if not, be sure to always proceed with caution. Be on the lookout for plows, give them their space and simply, pay attention. If the roads are too bad, its always the best option to stay home.

The next time you see a snowplow driver, keep these tips with you and ideas of how we can share your appreciation.

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