I can never understand how someone could do something like this.

If you've ever traveled on some of New York's busier highways at one time or another you probably have seen the State Farm help.

It's that utility type truck that is usually on the side shoulder of the highway helping someone that has a problem with their car or truck. The problems usually vary from helping change a tire, getting gas for someone who has run out and sometimes they are on the scene of an accident or construction to help direct traffic to help keep things moving.

The truck is called a "help truck" for a reason, they respond to HELP, and when they are on the scene of something to HELP out and someone can't wait or have any patience for them while directing traffic we need to share, so that the next time you might be in a situation like the one in the video below, you WON"T do what this driver did.

The video was found on Youtube and posted by a woman named Heather. She posted, "Time stamp wrong: video took place on October 22, 2020 on the Palisades Parkway near exit 10 Northbound."

Even if the timestamp is wrong, it doesn't matter when this is from! What matters is that it NEVER happens again.

The next time you get caught in some traffic do me a favor and think about how ridiculous someone has to be to drive into another human being just to make it through some traffic.

No word on if the worker sustained any injuries in this awful display of "NO PATIENCE", but our fingers are crossed that they are OK.

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