Help wanted! If you like to eat, travel the world, make some serious cash, and then eat even more, then you may have landed the ultimate "dream job". How much money are we talking about? Try $25,000. If you've been out of work, or just need some extra cash to pay the bills during these tough economic times, then this could be you. Just get ready to potentially ruin your diet or gym gains, but that's something to worry about some other time.

WETM is reporting that Heinz is looking for a new 'Head Burger Artist' to travel the country and stay in three cities of their choice, all while helping the company come up with their next big condiment to top your favorite burger. Hey, with the country in a ketchup supply shortage, this could really help a lot of folks. All you have to do is come up with your own burger "masterpiece", according to the job description. Then, take a photo of your creation and summit it by June 19. Heinz will pick winners in each of their seven sauce categories, and then those winners will face for the grand prize of $25K

All you have to do is be at least 18 years old and have a Twitter and/or Instagram. so, you'll have to be somewhat socially media savvy, and know how to take some serious pics of your food to be judged. Then, be ready to take some time to hit the the road and eat a lot. Did we mention that you could even get to stay at the Heinz Headquarters’ Bed N Burger, and get a lifetime supply of condiments?

Hudson Valley, if you want to hit the road and see our great country, and stuff your face with lots of burgers, then this could be you!

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