The health of all residents is very important and everyone needs access to the right resources. Our world can get very busy and it's easy to neglect your health and have it be your last priority. However, it's so important to look after ourselves and those that we care about around us. To help, a special health fair will be going on in Dutchess County and residents are being encouraged to check it out and take advantage of the services it will be offering.


What is the health fair called?

The Y.O.U.R (Young, Old, Urban, Rural) Health Dutchess County Health Fair is the full name and it will be a day all about wellness, health, and fun for all ages.

What services will be offered at the Y.O.U.R Health Fair?

There will be a lot of informational exhibits that include:

  • resources about health for all ages
  • health providers that are locally based and insurance agencies
  • mental health services
  • substance abuse services
  • fire, bike, and police safety
  • a sensory-friendly area
  • help from the Dutchess County Departments and Services

When and where will the Y.O.U.R Health Fair Happen?

It will be held at the Poughkeepsie Galleria (former JC Penny Location) that's located on 2001 South Road right in Poughkeepsie. The date will be Saturday, June 11th from 11 am-3 pm. This gives you plenty of time to get there and it's at an easy location to find.

Good luck to anyone that attends and hopefully you'll find all the health information you need.

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