When it comes to exploring and finding new trails throughout the Hudson Valley, count me in. There is so much to see and experience right in our area. I'm thankful that there's a never ending supply of adventures ahead.

As I headed up to Sullivan County this summer, I saw a bunch of cool places that I had to stop at on the way. There's a massive crystal shop called Crystal Connection which was really neat to see and also the Canal Towne Emporium. These two are a must see and visit while near Wurtsboro.

My sister and I then took a walk around the town and came across this trail, which I wonder if you have heard of it before.

The Sullivan Catskills Dove Trail caught our eye, along with the sign next to it. The dove sign on site, is part of a collection of 50 fiberglass doves. These doves are throughout Sullivan Catskills and represent the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

I was excited to come across this and learn about the history behind it.

That dove sign was created by artist Kim Simons and can be found in the Village of Wurtsboro. Each dove is hand painted by local and professional artists who were inspired by love at Woodstock in 1969.

If you happen to come across one of these doves, be sure to take a picture, send it to us and also use #SullivanCatskillsDoveTrail on Instagram.

You can also view the dove trail guide here and see all of them in person.

Find out more about the Sullivan Catskills Dove Trail here.

Have you ever seen one of these signs or doves before? Will you go see it for yourself? Let us know below.

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