So many people have a fascination with haunted houses, scary buildings and paranormal properties but do you have enough curiosity to spend the night in a haunted castle?

Wilson Castle has stood on a hill in Proctor, Vermont since the late 1800's at a cost of $1.3 million ($45 million today). Legend has it that heartbreak caused the original homeowners to abandon the dwelling. Years later a maintenance worker died inside the castle. Is this building cursed? Who haunts the place today? These questions and more could be answered on April 29th.

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Haunted Nights is offering very limited space in their paranormal investigation of Wilson Castle in Proctor, Vermont. For this investigation you need to prepare to spend the night inside the castle and you must sign a waiver prior to entering. This event begins at 7pm on April 29th and ends at 9am on the 30th.

There are a few rules, terms and conditions to investigating Wilson Castle. This is some of what to know and expect:

  • Bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, etc.
  • Arrive no later than 7:30pm
  • 8pm: Split into groups and begin investigation of the castle
  • 11pm: General admission investigation concludes
  • 2am: Overnight investigation concludes
  • Guests must head to their rooms for the evening, you may continue to investigate in your room
  • 9am: Event Recap & Conclusion

Proctor, Vermont is just over the border from New York and a short ride from much of the Capital Region. Purchase tickets for the April investigation HERE. In the meantime, let's show you around the property and head inside of Wilson Castle.

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