This Halloween season you are invited to Sleepy Hollow country for an evocation of the many otherworldly myths & mysteries that have permeated the most unique home in New York State, the Armour Stiner Octagon House.

For years, local rumors have swirled around the Octagon House in Irvington, NY, implying its connection to the spirit world. This private home is believed to be the only domed octagonal residence still in existence in America. Now they are opening the doors to the public for the "Myths and Mysteries" guided tours.

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Celebrate the Halloween season at the Armour-Stiner House with their "Myths and Mysteries Historic House Tour". Is the Octagon House haunted? Is there spirit energy floating through the hallways and up to the dome? According to the home's official website, the current owners have described their experiences as "otherworldly".

Caretakers and tour guides will explore these myths and mysteries starting in September. Each tour is approximately 1 hour and recommended for people 12-years-old and older. Your highly trained docents will guide you through interior viewings of the house.

This spectacular home is available throughout the year, at various times, for tours both inside and outside. In addition to the Myths and Mysteries Tour there is a "Lady in White" interactive performance this October. To check dates and ticket availability click HERE.

This Octagon house has the only domestic Egyptian Revival room still in existence with its original 19th-century furnishings and decoration has been reinstated.   Let's take a sneak-peak inside the house featured in the 1981 movie The Nesting or Across the Universe in 2007.

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