Even big celebrities are curious about where to get a great slice of pizza. Celebrities can pop up in some of the most random places and it's always great to see them supporting a local business. When you see someone famous out-and-about doing normal things, it makes you feel like they are one of us common folks. A HUGE celebrity was recently spotted and photographed at a local pizza place in Connecticut and internet went wild when the pictures surfaced.

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Where's an 'iconic' pizza place in Connecticut?

I was born and raised in Connecticut and I know this is going to start a big debate, but many Connecticut natives feel the state has the best pizza. Growing up I would always hear about how amazing Sally's Apizza is in New Haven, Connecticut. I didn't live near New Haven, but many friends would tell me how it's worth the drive to go there for their yummy pizza. Sally's has been around since 1938 and the restaurant is known for their coal-fire and thin crust pizza (I should not be writing this hungry lol). Any Connecticut native will tell you that it should be on on the top of your pizza bucket list,

What celebrity was recently spotted at Sally's Apizza in New Haven, CT?

I'll give you some clues, she's been in movies like 'Iron Man', 'Shallow Hall' and 'Shakespeare in Love'. Still not sure? She created a lifestyle brand named Goop and if that didn't give it away...she famously named her first born child after a fruit. GWYNETH PALTROW recently visited Sally's and it caused a pretty big buzz. She's photographed below with some of the staff from the pizza place and it looks like she has a great time.

Sally's Apizza Facebook/Canva
Sally's Apizza Facebook/Canva

Why was Gwyneth Paltrow in Connecticut?

We're not really sure, but maybe she was doing some filming in the area? Connecticut has also been another area that has hosted countless movie sets and seen an increase in celebrity sightings over the past few years. Gwyneth was even kind enough to sign a pizza box for Sally's and I'm sure they will hang it up somewhere inside the restaurant.

Sally's Apizza Facebook/Canva
Sally's Apizza Facebook/Canva

It's very cool for Sally's Apizza to have a big celebrity sighting like this, the real question is...what kind of pizza do you think she ordered?

The neighboring Hudson Valley has been a celebrity hotspot for a while now and a ton of famous people have recently been photographed in the area. Actress Laura Dern went to a popular restaurant in the Dutchess County area not that long ago. Also, actor Kelsey Grammer recently went to Barton Orchards and brought some of his amazing beer. Maybe they can all meet somewhere in the middle?

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