It’s been quite a while since we heard anything new from The B-52’s, but they are one of those bands that I still love to listen to because they always make me smile. Their combination of incredible musical talent and a great sense of humor adds up to some really fun rock and roll. And judging by the fact that they’ve won a few Grammys over the years, I’m not alone in my love for The B-52’s.

Another reason I love the B-52’s is that they have a strong Hudson Valley connection. The hugely successful Love Shack video was filmed in Highland, right in Ulster County. Kate Pierson owns a hotel in the Catskills called Kate’s Lazy Meadow. It’s for sale, by the way. But that’s a different story. 

Anyway, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed the other day, as I so often do, and I saw a post that made me really happy. It’s a picture of Kate Pierson, who looks amazing, and it says she is at Dreamland Studio in Hurley (another Hudson Valley connection), and she’s recording a new project which also involves former B-52 bandmates Fred Schneider and Cindy Wilson.

Something new from The B-52’s possibly? It’s too early to say for sure, but Kate promises updates when the project is ready. And when we get the updates, we’ll be sure to pass them along to you. Thanks Kate Pierson. For living, doing business and making great music here in the Hudson Valley. It's one more thing for us to be proud of We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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