The coolest thing to do this winter is snow-kiting.

It's always hard to find fun activities in the winter. Especially now, as we are in a pandemic. We can't go to bars and restaurants like normal and we can't have big gatherings. But we can still enjoy the New York winters to the fullest extent. And now, we can enjoy the fresh powder with a new activity: snow-kiting.

Snow-kiting is exactly what it sounds like, snowboarding combined with kite flying. According to Hudson Valley Happenings on Instagram, you use the same apparel and gear that you would to snowboard, but change the terrain. Instead of needing a slope or mountain like you typically would to snowboard, snow-kiting is done on ground with no obstructions. It can be done uphill, downhill, or on flat ground as long as there is nothing in the way and good wind power. However, having knowledge of snowboarding and skiing is required.

If you're interested, Hudson Valley Happenings has listed a couple of places in New York State for you to go snow-kiting. You can do it at Kite Club NY or NY Kite Center. Kite Club NY is on Great Sacandaga Lake in the Adirondacks. NY Kite Center is in Amityville. Lessons start at around $99 for each location. Both offer different classes and courses. Meals and accommodations can also be booked through certain locations. Both websites for both locations offer forecast tools to determine how windy it will be when you plan to visit. I can only imagine you're going to want some serious wind.

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