2 colleges in New York have terrifying stories and bring disturbing energy to the Hudson Valley.

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I'm always going to this say... Halloween is great, but it should be in the middle of July (I hate fall). Now that we have that out of the way and I'm pretending it's July, there are a lot of spooky places in the Hudson Valley and many of them have some pretty scary pasts This is even crazier...2 very popular colleges in the Poughkeepsie area have stories that will make you think twice about driving by at night.

I came across a ghost hunting video online that explained the haunts and it will literally knock your socks off.

Bowne Hall in Dutchess Community College:

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

According to sources, Bowne Hall at Dutchess Community College was built in 1913 and was used as a tuberculosis hospital. People say it's haunted by the spirits of former patients who had terrible deaths from tuberculosis and other awful diseases. Not a believer of spirits? This might change your mind...some students say they have seen apparitions, lights turning on and off by themselves and feeling the presents of something. Paranormal Experts have even mentioned that they have captured voices and unknown sounds while trying to capture audio. SPOOKY.

Sheahan Hall in Marist College:

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

According to sources, Sheahan Hall is reportedly haunted by a spirit named Shelley Sperling (a former student) who was shot to death by her jealous ex-boyfriend in 1975. Sadly, she was shot while trying to runaway from him, how awful. Many students say that they encountered Shelley's apparition in the building, seen objects get moved or thrown out of nowhere, felt cold spots, and issues with electronics. Yikes...

Some other places the video mentions are Christ Episcopal Church and Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery (both in Poughkeepsie). If you have been to any of the places and have a ghostly experience please let us know on the station app.

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Speaking of spooky things...have you ever heard of Brown's Hotel in Sullivan County? It was once a beautiful hotel and was very popular during the summer, but sadly the family who ran in had some financial trouble. The hotel was purchased and turned into condos, but a horrific fire caused it to close down for good and it just sits there rotting away. Take a look at these pictures and you can't tell me this place isn't haunted:

What Remained of Brown's Hotel

Take an eerie peak into what the former Brown's Hotel looked like a few years after the tragic fire.



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