It's nice to get away when it's close to home. We would go to the Great Escape Lodge a lot to just have a long weekend or for a change of scenery. Now the Great Escape Lodge wants you to come back and enjoy their "Snowed Inn" packages. The cool thing is that they are also offering a discount as part of Lake George Winterfest.

It has been a tough year for everyone and especially the hospitality industry. We weren't able to enjoy the Great Escape theme park but the lodge is open all month long for safe family fun.

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They are things to do inside including some of the indoor water park. You can enjoy the lazy river, the children's activity pool, Tak-It-Eesi-Creek, and the Tip-A-Kanu-Beach. All are open. Plus as part of their "Snowed Inn" activities, there will be shows, entertainment, scavenger hunts, and a snow queen to tell bedtime stories to the kids staying at the lodge.

According to News 10 ABC, If you are looking to get away but stay close to home, this is a really fun place to visit. As part of Lake George Winterfest, the Great Escape Lodge is offering a fifteen percent discount for select stays during the month of February. Also, the Great Escape Lodge is also open for the President's Week holiday. You can check out the schedule and availability by clicking HERE.

It's nice to have a place to get away and enjoy not too far from home. The Great Escape Lodge is following all COVID-19 protocols and safety recommendations.

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