So a few short weeks ago, I was sharing with you the information on the Tequila Shortage of 2020, since then I found out that more and more brands of Tequila have been reported to be out of stock, along with Hennessy Cognac (in certain size packaging), but here is something that could keep you from 'pop-ing' into the new year or any holiday celebration this year, a Champagne Shortage.

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Let me be clear exactly how this is a shortage. The popular brands of Champagne have been gobbled up by consumers during the time of the pandemic and then there was another increase in consumer purchasing around the time of the Presidential Election. What does that mean for you, the consumer? Since, there were zero shipments of wine coming out of France for a few months, American champagne demands out grew the supply.

When asking Lindy Steele, manager of Mid Valley Wine & Liquor about the shortage, she told me it was COVID, combined with people wanting to treat themselves to Champagne and other luxury wines and spirits.

When asked about inventory levels, she went on to say that there are a lot of really great Champagnes, Proseccos (Italian Bubbles), Cava (Spanish Bubbles) and even domestic offerings, but the ones that there is a shortage on are the "Big known brands, the Cliquots and the Moets." She encouraged me and everyone to keep trying other sparkling's. Ms Steele, encourages everyone to ask questions of their local retailer, find out what they think is tasty (if you don't know about bubblies, Champagne's, etc) and to try a few different ones. She also encouraged me to not save it for a special occasion, but to try it with my dinner meals, especially fried chicken. She said that it is an amazing combination.

So what will you be drinking when it comes time to drop the ball? The correct answer? Anything you want.

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