Regardless of the weather, the Hudson Valley shows us her beauty all year round. The spring brings us blossomed flowers while summer rolls in with green trees and glistening hills. The Hudson Valley’s fall shows us how we can change along with the season and enjoy the fall foliage. I have learned to like winter more than I used to. As much as I thrive in the summer, we can all learn something from the change of seasons. The winter’s beauty is still and glowing. The cool, crisp air makes it refreshing to go on a leisure hike or walk.

There’s going to be a guided walk this weekend at Sam’s Point (one of my favorite places). I went to Sam’s Point a few summers ago to check out the ice caves and it was super a cool experience. The grounds are enchanting with miles of miles of views. From their trails to extensive history, Sam’s Point has a lot to offer.

On January 16, 2021 from 1000am-1230pm, grab your gear and head on out into the woods. Put on your hiking boots for this three mile walk and check out the breathtaking views of Lake Maratanza. In addition to bringing masks, be sure to grab water, a snack and always a change of clothes while on an adventure.

The meetup location is at Sam’s Point Visitor Center and pre-registration is required. If you are interested in joining this fun filled, outdoor adventure, call Sam’s Point at 845 647 7989.

There will be a small $10 parking fee per vehicle. If you have an existing Empire pass then you can use that for your space.

Sam’s Point Preserve

400 Sam’s Point Rd.

Cragsmoor, NY

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