Are you wondering why the gas station that you always go to is currently cheaper? Drivers are seeing the lowest gas prices this month than they have witnessed in a while.

The running joke in 2022 is now, "How about those gas prices?" This may or may not be a conversation that you're willing to join in on, but either way, we're all going through it together. I often joke with my friends and discuss with them about why we shouldn't complain. In the long run, what are we going to do about it? Ride a bike to work? Start using a horse and buggy? 

Gas prices have slightly gone down, will they continue to drop?

A recent tax pause has citizens wondering how low will it go and are questioning if it will last.


Have you heard of the recent gas tax pause?

In February 2021, a bill was introduced to the Senate. This included a pause in the federal gas tax. Several states have joined in on the latest gas tax pause. Connecticut, California, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Illinois and New York are in the same boat. 

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However, New York is one of the states to take action upon this pause.

A budget was approved that suspends the fuel tax and sales tax. This would take place through December of 2022. Drivers may save anywhere from 16 cents a gallon.


Residents also wonder if New York will provide gas or transportation cards?

It is unknown if New York will participate in providing transportation cards. However, Illinois is doing this along with giving residents gas. Although, they are doing this instead of getting rid of gas taxes.

Will this make a difference in how we pay?


The question is unknown. However, fuel taxes are not the exact reason for the increase in gas prices. Due to the oil market and inflation, other services have also increased in price which may be another reason why gas has increased.

What would you rather do?

If you had to choose, would you rather receive gas or transportation cards but still have tax on gas? Would you have them pause gas taxes? Share with us below.

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