I just don't have enough days in a weekend to get to all the fun places there are in the HudsonValley. I think my plan for 2022 will be to take more time off so I can check out things that are happening around the area.

Grazery via Facebook 10-17-2021

To give you an example I have been trying to get to the Gardiner Liquid Mercantile (The Mercantile) ever since I heard they are now serving food from the Grazery. The two popular businesses linked up back at the beginning of August and it seems everyone is enjoying the benefits of these two Gardiner businesses working together except me.

I actually had a chance to speak with Cathy from The Mercantile shortly after she and Greg from the Grazery teamed up. Just listening to her talk about the menu on the phone had me thinking what a cool place to steal away to one afternoon and unplug. She also told me that they have just put the finishing touches on 2 new small private party rooms, one has a poker theme, so you can celebrate a special occasion with a small group in a more private setting.

Gardiner Liquid Mercantile via Facebook 10-17-2021

Full disclosure I am already a fan of the Grazery ever since they open their "Cheesy Plant Store" at Water Street Market in New Paltz. Now Greg and his plants seem to have invaded The Mercantile and the result is great food married with handcrafted cocktails made from local purveyors.

The Mercantile could be a great place to do some of your hostess shopping for the holiday. They carry a great line of locally made products. They have local coffees and teas. They also carry various wines, spirits and locally crafted beer. The Mercantiles' own liqueurs make great thank you gifts to someone hosting you for a holiday meal.

Back in April of this year Gardiner Liquid Mercantile loss a much loved and valuable member of their team, Gable Erenzo passed away in April of 2021. Gable's passing was felt hard by everyone associated with The Mercantile. Both the staff and their customers along with the Mercantile family have spent this year missing Gable while watching his dream continue to grow.

The Gardiner Liquid Mercantile along with the Grazery are just two of the many businesses that call Gardiner New York their home. Wright's Farm, Gardiner Brewing Company, Tantillo's Farm Market, Skydive the Ranch, Toad Farm Cafe and Julian's Provisions are some of the other local places you find as you drive down Route 208 and Main Street in Gardiner.

Look at these selections for a cold weather cocktail

Hudson Valley Cocktails for Cold Weather

This is just a sample of some of the hearty cocktails you can find at your favorite Hudson Valley restaurant or bar this time of year. As we discover more we will add to the list.