The state will reportedly be giving away hundreds of robots to senior citizens in New York State but if you're thinking about Rosey the Robot from The Jetsons that will clean the house for you or the machines you see on battle bots then these aren't the droids you're looking for.

Older people and technology usually don't work well together. I think every millennial has gotten the call at least once or a dozen times from their grandparents to come over and fix the television. The repair was always easy as they usually just had to turn the separate cable box on.

Elderly people are getting more tech savvy and because of that their quality of life could get a little better.

According to The Verge, the New York State Office for the Aging plans on distributing around 800 robots to socially accompany New York's elderly citizens. No, these aren't androids like C-3P0 that can walk around and do tasks for them although that would be pretty awesome. These assistance robots are supposedly a more engaging and dynamic version of what we know as Alexa or Siri on our smart devices. The verge states that these devices will help with social issues among the elderly as they report that a large number of senior citizens in America live alone.

The device is called ElliQ and is the brain child of Intuition Robotics. This robot companion could be a great tool to help senior citizens battle depression and social isolation.

The New York State Office for the Aging has bought nearly 1,000 of these robots.

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