Truly, there's no better day of the week than Friday or in this case, FryDay.

McDonald's is at it again with a great deal for those with their app.

When it comes to the fast-food-french-fry game, McDonald's is always number one. I won't even look up the information, because if data shows that McDonald's doesn't have the best french fries, then it has to be fake.

What's not fake is McDonald's actually giving away free french fries. Delish.Com is reporting that every Friday from now until June 27th, 2021 is FryDay. McDonald's customers can cash in on free fries with their free McDonald's app.

According to Delish:

The promotion, cleverly known as the "Fry Day" deal, gives customers a free order of fries every Friday with a minimum $1 purchase. That means you can buy a shake, a burger, or even extra fries to go with your free ones.

All you have to do is download the app. Side note, new app members already get a free order of fries with the download so there is absolutely no shortage of fries in your future.

Here at The Wolf, we've been celebrating FryDay locally. Paty Quyn has been on the search for the best fries in the Hudson Valley. She thinks she may have found them in Ulster County at Clemson Brother Brewery in New Paltz:

Those look pretty delicious and perfectly seasoned. However, our comment section suggested we check out places like 18 North Grill in Poughkeepsie and Mirabella's in Saugerties.

When it comes to fries, are you a McDonald's fry lover or more of a hometown fry fan? Let us know on Facebook!

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