Score one for humanity. A heartbreaking Facebook post ended with an outpouring of support in New Paltz, NY. It's another shining example of the power of community in the Hudson Valley.

Act of Kindness in New Paltz, NY

"Hey if anyone could put something in the blue fridge today or even a can opener I'd greatly appreciate it", began a post from a New Paltz resident. "Haven't ate in a couple days and Family [of New Paltz] is closed today and tomorrow. Also if anyone needs work done let me know". What happened next was a response he "couldn't believe".

The Free Food Fridge in New Paltz, NY

The "blue fridge" (above), officially known as the New Paltz Free Food Fridge, was completed in December of last year. Its Instagram account keeps the public up to date with what's available for anyone in town who needs it. Since it was empty last weekend, local residents started to chime in with offers of food and assistance.

Response from New Paltz, NY Residents

"Can you meet me at Jacks deli in about ten minutes? I will get you a sandwich... I am wearing a striped shirt and red pants", said one commenter. "Having a little party today in briarwood we'll have tons of food and drink. Come on by", offered another. As the responses kept rolling in, it was clear: New Paltz residents were not going to let one of their own go hungry.

"Thank you. I couldn't believe the response", posted the man. "It's not just me there are others and they're all really good people. I had enough to feed four of us today." You can follow the Free Food Fridge on Instagram here. Want to help out in your community? Check out the top 15 foods your local food bank needs right now below.

15 Things Your Local Food Pantry Needs Right Now

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