East Fishkill recently approved new regulations for food trucks operating within the town, limiting the amount of days they can operate in the same location. Many residents are split on the decision.

Food Trucks in East Fishkill, NY

There are several new rules for food trucks that were adopted by the town late last week, but the headline is how often they can operate. Per the new regulations, after obtaining permission from property owners as well as the correct permits from the town, food trucks will only be able to operate their business for a certain amount of days in the same location:

Town of East Fishkill
Town of East Fishkill

New Food Truck Regulations in Dutchess County, NY

There are two types of property listed in the new regulations: parking lots in industrial zones and residential neighborhoods. In commercial lots, food trucks will not be permitted to be in service for more than two days in a row, and in neighborhoods, no more than once per week. Both residents and food truck owners expressed varying opinions on the new rules.

A sign outside East Fishkill Town Hall.
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Community Response in East Fishkill, NY

"Town of East Fishkill, limiting the ability for a person with a food truck to make a living", posted a resident in the East Fishkill Community Forum on Facebook. "I just wonder how everyone would feel if suddenly there were food trucks parked in parking lots and roadside all over town? People buying their meals there and no eating at our restaurants, which obviously must charge more for a meal due to overhead?", countered another. Then food truck owners themselves began to chime in.

Food Trucks
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Food Truck Owners in East Fishkill, NY

"As a food truck owner I understand and have no problem with rules!" began the owner of Empanada Mama food truck. "I follow them daily now and will always continue to do so! We appreciate the town of [East Fishkill] opening back up for us". Some people still weren't swayed. "Enough of changing this town. Bad enough with all the road changes. STOP THE BS", shared a passionate commenter.

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It will be interesting to see if more towns in Dutchess County and beyond will follow suit. Want more food trucks? Check out some of the best that the Hudson Valley has to offer (churros, anyone?) below.

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