Ok, it looks like Allegiant has not given up. They could quite possibly be the only reason that Stewart Airport stays open to passengers. So where do you want to go? Have you completely written off ever being able to get on a plane again? Why don't you at least think about doing something, even if it is just daydreaming for a few minutes and plan a virtual vacation. Little known fact, I probably plan two virtual vacations a week. In my mind, I will book them 'one day.' No harm in not spending my money just yet. 

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With travel restrictions lessening too, these are pretty tempting, especially with Disney re-opening more and more each week.

Allegiant Airlines (not apparently daunted by Covid-19) has announced a round of their fare deals, which include airfare from Stewart/Newburgh to six cities (four in Florida, one in South Carolina and one in Georgia) in the $41-$96 range (each way).

For those who have been following the increase in gas prices you will know that just seeing these prices were a surprise to me as I have continued to see other airlines increase their fares because of the increase fuel costs. Hey, no shame in that game, it costs them more to fly, I will have to pay more. Got it.

Interested in hotel and airfare? Click on the 'Vacation Deals' tab to see those offers.

  • Tampa/St Pete FL, from $41 each way
  • Savannah/Hilton Head, GA, from $54 each way
  • Myrtle Beach, SC from $61 each way
  • Destin/Fort Walton Beach, FL, from $66 each way
  • Orlando/Sanford, FL, from $67
  • Fort Meyers/Punta Gorda, FL from $96, each way

Which one of these locations are you thinking about heading to first? It is tempting, right? Especially since we have been in the midst of this Covid Pandemic Universe, for over a year now.

When you stop to think about it, what does your favorite type of vacation look like? Is it one where you get to take in the sites? Does it involve hiking and the woods or is it the beach for you? Maybe you are a golfer who has always thought about traveling to play golf all over the US? Have you been to Hilton Head? Share with us, what is your dream vacation?

Where would you like Allegiant to fly to from Stewart that they already have service to in other parts of the US? For example, there are parts of the US where Allegiant will fly to New Orleans or Las Vegas. Would you like to be able to get on a plane in Newburgh and fly directly to Las Vegas without having to change planes? Where would you like Allegiant to fly?

Looking to find more destinations that Allegiant has deals for? They also fly out of Albany $47-$84 and Newark, $40-$80.

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